Start from scratch

My apologies if you stopped by in the last 3 weeks and I wasn’t here.  I had to trash a database and start over.  It’s just as well because all the current topics of interest can have center stage now.

What I’m working on:

* Arkansas just passed Act 1001, which is that crazy attempt to make Amazon heel and start collecting sales tax.  State after state jumps on the bandwagon only to find the buckets of money they anticipated are not really there.  And even though they might not care to look under the floorboards of said bandwagon, if they did they would find that small affiliate marketing businesses (like mine) have lost a huge percentage of their ad revenue as merchant after merchant terminates their agreements to avoid sales tax nexus in the state.

* Online merchants, especially the mid-size kind, are realizing what brick and mortar stores learned a long time ago:  coupons are a huge PITA.  What to do?  What to do?  That question generates passionate discussion on forums all over the online marketing world.  I think that’s worth some attention here, too.


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