Silly Ways To Anger Your Customers #1 (Verizon, I’m talking to you!) confirmed with Verizon that beginning in January, a $2 fee will be charged to customers who pay their bill online or by phone. Their stated reason is that it will help defray the cost of processing these payments!

If you sell a service that involves billing and receiving payment, the cost of processing those lifeblood payments is on you!

Who decided that having the customer cover the pennies involved in electronic payment services as a separate line item on their bill made sense? What’s next – a half dollar to cover the cost of opening an envelope? Repairs to the mail cart?

Verizon probably has more employees working just on pricing than a city block full of small businesses have in total employees. Factor in the cost of doing business when you set prices and live with it!

Extracting 40 nickles more from a customer who is PAYING THE BILL YOU SENT is beyond silly.