Another Organizing Tip

An organization tip that has served me well
Some things are so simple that I think everyone already knows, but I’ve been running into something lately that leads me to believe it’s not so universal after all. So I’ll share at the risk of looking like an idiot. 🙂

I’ll credit a techie son with this tip that has served me well for almost 10 years.

Use the domain name as a file name whenever possible

I have multiple domains and using the actual name when setting up file folders, ftp accounts, emails, etc is almost always the way to go. The first step is to create a folder named with the domain name. As things accumulate you can always sort further within that file.

Example: You’re searching for a picture you used a few years ago and you remember the subject and how you used it (the main shopping site) but the images folder has hundreds upon hundreds of photos, mostly named Christmas1, jewelry39, houseLogo. Not very useful! Instead, open the folder named [domain name] and then images and voila! Better chance of success.

Alphabetizing is a huge time and aggravation saver!

Your computer automatically keeps your folders in alphabetical order, so you have experience with how easy it is to know whether to scroll up or down when you’re looking for something in a hurry. Now do the same with spreadsheets and lists and save yourself hours of frustration.

Charts, graphs, spreadsheets and reports of any kind are mind-numbing if they have more than a few entries. If you actually have to concentrate and search deeply just to find the account, domain or item you’re seeking, it’s a productivity killer.

Our software choices make it so easy these days. Create your list with the data you have and then when you’re done – sort the data by the most important element [client] [domain] and you have information that’s actually useful.

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