Sum Sum Summit, Sum Sum Summit, Sum Sum Summit Time!

It’s Affiliate Summit West time; the gatherings in Vegas are well into Day 2 of the unofficial parties before the official parties begin!

IMHO, this is the best party of the year and better yet, it’s invaluable for the business of online marketing. Upwards of 5000 people networking about online merchants, affiliate marketers, software innovations, best practices, outing the bad guys and so much more it takes a week of unofficial gatherings before the sessions even begin!

I’m so looking forward to seeing old friends and sharing big group dinners and cozier lunch time chats. Our work team is scattered internationally, so it will be really good to spend face time comparing notes and working on ideas.

The sessions and side events could fill a blog and a forum and several podcasts all on their own. But for me it boils down to this:

  • It’s Vegas!
  • The ShareASale Party
  • Penny Slots!
  • Saturday night fun with friends!
  • Sunday night fun with friends!
  • Monday night fun with friends!
  • Tuesday night fun with friends!

If you can’t be there in person, follow along at Twitter (#ASW12) and Facebook and start planning for next time. There’s a new mini version in Austin set for May and the East Coast August session in New York is reported to be fabulous, too!

Note about the headline: Whenever Summit time rolls around and the build-up gets intense, I think of Snoopy in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, singing Sup, Sup, Supper! Sup, sup Supper! Sup Sup Suuuu per time!

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