The Fuss About Pinterest!

Pinterest is the fastest growing social sharing site and marketers are freaking out like the sky is falling! When something new hits the mainstream, marketing pros everywhere start trying to figure out how to make a $$$ by being the first to try it, monetize it and then sell the instructions to others.

Pinterest Fuss In The Marketing Industry

I’m laughing because it’s such a hen party over at Pinterest that the men can’t figure out what to do with it. They pop in and unless it’s a picture of foods or nudes, they’re confused about the appeal.

And Pinterest isn’t intuitive for people when their only interest is finding a billboard to blast their sales spiel. It’s way more about content curation and social sharing, which is the next big survival tool for marketers who intend to last.

We’ll explore the conversation about marketing on Pinterest some more later; for now – follow me on Pinterest! I’m trying to create boards that might tell me who I am and what I value. It’s a self-discovery exercise for now.

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