Pinterest Can Drive Traffic To Your Site

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Pinterest Can Drive Traffic To Your Site

I wrote a lengthy blog post about Pinterest and business over at and if you’re still on the fence about whether to try using Pinterest to market yourself or your company, it might be helpful to you.

We also talked about this during the Snow Storm podcast last week, so if you’re really into learning about marketing and Pinterest, click thru and listen.

If I was trying to make a long story short (me? ha!) I would offer these points and then sign off.

  • Use Pinterest as a display window for your personality and for the personality of your business projects.
  • Don’t even try including affiliate links or linking to something not related to the image. Scammy methods hurt everyone, but mostly you.
  • Inviting images pull people in; the destination should be a relevant landing page on your site. Use the pin description to say why you pinned this image. Provide clues to the relevance if it’s not obvious.
  • Take the time to follow others. When you discover someone with similar taste, follow the people who also follow them! The larger your network, the more pins you’ll see on arrival.
  • Don’t forget the search function and the categories at Pinterest. Seek out pins that might relate to you and your topics.

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