Service Fail

I love shopping online. And when it’s available, ship to store for free beats out shipping costs all day long. But if you’re going to automate your customer notifications with a robo-call, let’s get it right.

My phone rang just now and when I answered, a perfectly pleasant robo voice said my order was delivered to the store on 4/25 and it not picked up within 10 days it would be returned.

What’s my beef? That’s the first notification of any kind since I got the email confirmation that I had sufficiently pressed the submit order button. I have been watching for an email. I have been to the mall since 4/25. So I’m grumpy about their service and it didn’t need to happen. This is a merchant that I had pretty much forgotten for years. And then I saw the perfect, and I do mean perfect jacket I had been waiting for my entire adult life. So I went to all the trouble of checking my online account, making sure the cc was in my wallet, and made a trip to the store to find it. Nope. Spent some other $$$ but no jacket. So I came home and ordered it and have been anxiously waiting for it.

I am too busy until tomorrow now to go to the store, so I am hoping against hope I don’t forget. Merchants, if you’re going to automate customer notifications, include one that tells them you did what they paid you to do please!

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