Entrepreneur Defined

One of the best things to land in my inbox today was this definition of an entrepreneur. It came from Inc. via LinkedIn, and the link to the entire article is here:
What’s an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever

The definition is 25 words long, created 37 years ago by Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson, but still rings true this very minute.

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

Think about that today.

Best Bits Of Affiliate Summit

Random best bits of Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas

These are in no particular order. If you’ve been to Summit you know the overload of things to absorb. I’m pretty foggy still today, but I know one thing for sure: I’ve forgotten something or somebody I should mention here as a best bit!

  • Finally getting to Caesar’s Palace! I had been briefly to the Forum Shops years ago, but that’s it.
  • DavidThe replica of the statue “David”. Tease away, guys, it’s been a dream my whole life to actually see it and just in case I never get to Italy, this was the next best thing!
  • Discovering that walking 15 or so miles a day won’t kill me! Hurts like heck, but if the swelling in my knee goes down, I’ll try to keep walking at least one or two of those miles every day. After finding my way around Caesars continuously for 3 days, I could probably walk one of Missy Ward’s marathon walks for Breast Cancer!
  • Entrance to the SAS partyDessert Table at partyShareASale party at the Paris club “Chateau”. From the stilted ladies surrounded by bouncers at the entrance to the human engine dessert table, it was a party to remember. Perfect rooftop view of the Bellagio Water show, plenty of drinks and sweet nibbles and best loved friends for conversation. Note: If you’re ever at a SAS party and don’t know anyone there, find the elevator!
  • Swag: Only a few things were worth the space to carry home. My picks: SAS blue drink cup, Affiliate Summit tee shirt, Advertise.com’s little magnet toy, the Magic 8 ball from Psychics Live and a decision pen from the same booth. I often need a 2nd opinion and now I have 2 close at hand. Oh, and a mini,mini Snicker bite. Found it in the bottom of my purse and ate it for lunch at the airport.
  • chocolate cheesecake
    cheesecakeThe biggest piece of cheesecake I’ve ever been served in my life! And there was a chocolate sculpture on top! It was the 2nd dinner of the evening because I couldn’t miss spending time with these friends, so I only ordered dessert. There were 6 of us at the table, it could have easily fed us all. I shared as much as I could, but still left half.
  • Friends, Hugs, Friends, Hugs and more Friends! The absolute best part of Summit is always the huge collection of hugs from my marketing family! I love love love you!

ASW12 Hugs

Winners of Affiliate Summit Awards

One of the fun things that happens at Affiliate Summit West every year: Awards!
I no longer remember what kept me up late Monday night (choices: penny slot, multiple dinners with friends), but I didn’t make it to Caesar’s Palace Tuesday morning until after the Keynote and Awards.

I just found the winner’s list at the Affiliate Summit forum:

  • Affiliate of the Year: CouponCabin
  • Affiliate Manager of the Year: Kim Salvino
  • Exceptional Merchant: Tiny Prints
  • Affiliate Marketing Advocate: Tim Storm
  • Blogger of the Year: Tricia Meyer
  • Affiliate Marketing Legend: Kim Rowley

Congratulations to each and every one! It’s always an exceptional field of nominees and well deserved wins!

Sum Sum Summit, Sum Sum Summit, Sum Sum Summit Time!

It’s Affiliate Summit West time; the gatherings in Vegas are well into Day 2 of the unofficial parties before the official parties begin!

IMHO, this is the best party of the year and better yet, it’s invaluable for the business of online marketing. Upwards of 5000 people networking about online merchants, affiliate marketers, software innovations, best practices, outing the bad guys and so much more it takes a week of unofficial gatherings before the sessions even begin!

I’m so looking forward to seeing old friends and sharing big group dinners and cozier lunch time chats. Our work team is scattered internationally, so it will be really good to spend face time comparing notes and working on ideas.

The sessions and side events could fill a blog and a forum and several podcasts all on their own. But for me it boils down to this:

  • It’s Vegas!
  • The ShareASale Party
  • Penny Slots!
  • Saturday night fun with friends!
  • Sunday night fun with friends!
  • Monday night fun with friends!
  • Tuesday night fun with friends!

If you can’t be there in person, follow along at Twitter (#ASW12) and Facebook and start planning for next time. There’s a new mini version in Austin set for May and the East Coast August session in New York is reported to be fabulous, too!

Note about the headline: Whenever Summit time rolls around and the build-up gets intense, I think of Snoopy in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, singing Sup, Sup, Supper! Sup, sup Supper! Sup Sup Suuuu per time!

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Searching support forums for an answer, but for the moment I’m stumped. Comments should not be marked closed!

  • Yes, the privacy settings have been configured, and re-configured and saved each time!
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  • Changed the theme to default, and then to just a different one, no fix. It did however, change the wording to leave a comment when I put the default theme up. Problem is that clicking it didn’t do a dang thing. #spinningwheels
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