You were looking for “About” weren’t you?

This is it!

My approach is from the language of journalism: “Who?” “What?” “When?” “Where?” “Why?” And because I always cut to the bottom line, there also has to be a “How?”

Who: Judi Moore, online marketer, owner @ jMoore!Marketing

What: VP of Sales for Snow Consulting, Inc. Roger Snow and his team provide experienced, proactive affiliate program management for online merchants.

Where:  I can be found online just about every day, usually in my home office near Iowa City.  There’s a long story about how I got here; we’ll use it another time.

When? I was doing sales and marketing as early as 5 or 6, but seriously, and for money since the 80’s.  There have been years when other things took priority, but my natural way of thinking is in favor of business development and I’m intuitive and creative about combining it with everything I do.  I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing since early 2004.

Why? Because I can’t stop. It’s just my nature to look at the big picture, cut to the bottom line and then move forward!

I have always believed in spreading the word, showing it in the best possible light, letting everyone in on it, finding the sweet spot, getting a return on investment, positioning “us” as the leader in, and best of all….getting paid for it!  I personally believe that online is one of the best ways to have your own business and to promote the offline business you worked so hard to create. 

How? I promised that bottom line, didn’t I? How do I market online? How do I build business?
I share and connect! Everything I put under “Why?” works double time for How?

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